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Natinal 3-Position




Contact Jack Withers Regarding this program in Mississippi 

Phone Number 601-888-4973




All participants must qualify as outlined in the state guide to participate at the national level. Seniors who have just graduated within 60 days are eligible.


The National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules (3rd Edition) will govern.



All shooters must fire in a state qualifying competition. States will select teams and provide the necessary information to the selected winners. In addition to teams, approximately 30 nationally ranked individuals (15 Sporter and 15 Precision) as determined from nationally consolidated state results and not identified as a participating team member will also be invited. Individuals may not participate in both the sporter and precision events.

A parent or guardian must accompany individuals under age 18. USA Shooting will

not accept the responsibility of minors traveling alone!


Each state may send one, four-person team for Sporter and one, four-person team for Precision.

States are required to maintain club or scholastic team integrity. The same team may not participate

 in both events. State Teams must comply with the "School Age Team" rule in the National Standard Rules.

If the highest scoring team in the state qualifier cannot attend, the next placing team may represent the state.

Teams that loose a member for some reason may replace that person with another member of the same club or school.


Coach/Team Leader:

Each state team must have a designated coach to be responsible for their Precision and Sporter teams.

This person(s) will be responsible for arranging travel for the teams and for team discipline while at the championship.

 Assistant coaches may attend at their own expense.

COURSE OF FIRE: Sporter and Precision

Competitors will shoot two courses of 3x20. One course will be fired each day. This will make up the individual championship aggregate.

Sporter Air Rifle – 3x20 (20 prone, 20 standing, 20 kneeling)

Finals – the top eight individual shooters in the Sporter and precision aggregates will fire a 10 shot Final.

Team totals will be based on both 3x20 scores added together. The individual National Junior Championship

will be based on the total of the two 3x20 scores and, for the top eight, the 10 shot final. National Standard Rule 10.0.




Coaching assistance on the line will be allowed during sighting shots only. After sighting shots are complete

and record shots have begun, shooters may not return to the sighting target and may not receive any further coaching.


Coaching assistance on the line is not allowed. After sighting shots are complete and record shots have begun,

shooters may not return to the sighting target.


All members of a team will be squadded on the same relay (except where team members are sharing equipment).

 They will not be side by side but spread within a 12-point section of targets. That will allow teams to plan other

activities before or after shooting. Teams and individual shooters will be seeded so the highest scoring teams

and individuals in state qualifiers will fire on the third relay.


Precision Air Rifle June 22 Arrival

June 23 Registration day - Squadded training starts at 1:00 PM

June 24 Individual Match 1

June 25 Individual Match 2 & Awards Dinner

June 26 Departure date

Sporter Air Rifle June 26 Arrival– no training or registration

June 27 Registration day – Squadded training starts at 9:00 AM

June 28 Individual Match 1

June 29 Individual Match 2 & Awards Dinner

June 30 Departure date

Award Ceremonies:

Each Championship Awards program will be held at the range along with an awards dinner. All teams and individuals are required to participate in this activity. Those who do not attend the award ceremony and banquet will not receive travel funding assistance. Exceptions only by permission.



TRAVEL: The only part of the program that is partially reimbursable.

All teams are responsible for their own travel to and from Atlanta. Depending on the level of sponsorships, some amount of land or air travel expenses will be reimbursed.



State coaches are encouraged to provide ground transportation if traveling by van or bus for individual shooters selected from their state. In lieu of bus transportation the CMP will provide funds for subsidizing team vans for local transportation. Vans for teams that arrive by air have been contracted with Alamo Rental Cars. Reservations for these vans (approximately 16) are made through the USA Shooting contact person, NOT through Alamo. This will allow greater mobility for the teams and the ability to keep teams entertained after shooting. Teams will be required to pay $150 toward the rental of a 7-passenger van. To make your reservation for a van, a pre payment of $150 will be required.

Individuals arriving by air may take advantage of the rental subsidy with economy cars. Vans will not be allowed unless four or more use it.


Entry fee is $65 per competitor.



Individual Sporter Champion will be awarded the Crosman Challenger Trophy.

Individual Precision Champion will be awarded the Leo DeLouche Memorial Trophy

The top three individuals in the Sporter and Precision events will be awarded special championship medals and certificates. The next five places will be awarded certificates.


The Sporter Club Team Champions will be awarded the Avanti Team Trophy

The Sporter Scholastic Team Champions will receive a trophy (name TBA).

The Precision Club Team Champions will be awarded the Civilian Marksmanship Program Trophy.

The Precision Scholastic Team will receive a trophy (name TBA).

The top three teams in the Sporter and Precision events will be awarded special championship medals and certificates. Sporter and Precision teams in each category will receive certificates for the next two places. .


USA Shooting is acting as the coordinator for the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council and it’s involvement in the conduct of this National Junior Olympic 3-Position Air Rifle  Championship.  Make all checks payable to USA Shooting and mail them to the attention of Bob Foth at the address below.

USA Shooting

Competitions Department- 3P Air

Attention: Bob Foth

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Telephone: 719/578-4881

Fax: 719/578-4884